Marine operation

Marine operation

VTS offers a wide range of marine operation services such as:


VTS offers a extensive area of services to the offshore energy industry, ensuring safe and efficient project management including execution of operations. VTS assist clients to meet the requirements regarding safety, quality, time-frame and cost. 

Subsea installations

Lifting operations

Marine & Offshore renewable installations

Heavy transport solutions

Mooring services

Rig Moves

Planning and operation of logistics support

Execution and documentation of marine operation


VTS performs modifications and conversions on offshore units for increased safety and efficiency. VTS further provides services such as development of calculations, development of production drawings to owner within all class requirements.

Renewable energy

Our objective is to provide experience and cost effective maritime support to the development and maintenance of MRE projects. VTS provide management and consultancy services focused on the safe operation of vessels, implementing suitable processes and procedures including health & safety for the installation and maintenance of MRE farms. VTS offers planning and management of complete installation and/or maintenance packages from pickup at manufacturer to complete installations. VTS manages a complete range of services for Offshore wind farms, offshore tidal and current turbines:

Complete transport and logistic solutions

Traffic coordination

Administrative and operational activities before, during and after project

Design and calculation of lifting appliances

Lifting operation plans and procedures

Safety analysis

Operational planning and management of vessels

Chartering of vessels and FPSO/FSO, heavy lifting equipment and lifting gear

Project personnel



With 20 years of experience from the shipping operational field VTS manages full operation of different shipping solutions.

Day to day management of vessel operations

Offer experienced management personnel – inc DPA

ISM/SMS implementation and auditing

Regular inspections ensuring vessel maintenance standards

Safety management systems

Class society implementation and supervisiom

Flag state administration

Work processes

Procurement systems

Vessel supervision

Maintenance planning


VTS offer a full range assistance regarding shiphandling. VTS deliver high competence assistance regarding all shiphandling matters such as DP (dynamic positioning), ship caracteristics (manouvers, data etc). Stability and cargo operations including draft surveys, cargo calculations and supercargo. Gives complex solutions for shiphandling operations.





VTS can supply vessels for any offshore operation through our chartering operation such as ATHS, PSV, Crane barge, barges, MPV, Heavy load etc.


Analyses and reviews operations, manning and training within the maritime sector in full vision simulators.

Test of new or rebuild fairways

Test of new or rebuild ports

Test of new or rebuild ships

Human factor training (BRM, CRM, MRM)