Jonas Vedsmand

I want to welcome you to VTS AB, a small company with big ambitions. Our slogan "we assist to deliver" suits us well when our aim is to assist all of our client in their loss control activities. No matter if it is safety audits, surveys or regular inspections we will use all of our knowledge to minimize your risks.

In an international branch we set pride in keeping personal with our clients. We want all of you to feel welcome at all times and in a unformal friendly manner. We believe that we through close cooperations can set frame free limits between our assignments and your business. In that way we can understand and better perform while asisisting you. Eventhough we often work close together our distance can be wide we can still use modern techniques to come closer.

Loss control activities do matter, during our supervisions and surveys we often get to advice and support our clients out on the field. Closing a loaded container supervised by a senior surveyor doesent grant but significally decreases the risk of cargo losses when we will make sure, securings are ok, in a correct number, approved with correct calculated friction etc.

A on/off hire survey gives our client a support for go or no go in T/C charters. A bunker survey makes sure the quantity are all corrctly set.

A draft survey performed by us will reveal the exact quantity onboard taking into account not only trim, salinity but also bending moments and the irregular shapes of a loaded ship.

And in the unlikely event of a accident we are there for you to assist you in order to thoroughly investigate and make learning lessons from such and we will be there during the whole process.

I hope you and all of our existing clients feel the atmosphere in our company where our knowledge is our pride and we look forward in assisting you again.

Jonas Vedsmand