VTS works in close liaison with it´s partners in the maritime sector. Together the network offers a unique position in the shipping and offshore industry with competence from planning stages to full operation and management.

Partners in the network are:

HRG Human factors risk management group, risk management and risk analysis including human factor

ES konsult, human factors and human machine interface consultants including design and reviews of shipping, VTS and control room

Oilconx, SIL and functional safety, hazard analysis, reliabilty analysis and RAM, asset integrity

VTS believes that it is the human being that makes the difference. We also know that satsisfaction is a large aspect for productivity. Therefore VTS is proud to offer it´s clients a unique environment using the Stockholm archipelago as the platform for meetings events and networking. In a large an comfortable sailing yacht we take onboard clients and partners for creative moments. The yachts is also bookable for external events.